Insulation Glass

Insulation glass is an effective way of improving the energy efficiency of windows in both homes and offices. It reduces heat gain and heat loss by preventing cold and hot air from leaking through the windows, which means your HVAC unit doesn’t have to work as hard³.

Using thermal insulation glass can make your living or workspace more comfortable all year round. As well as improved thermal performance, the glass can also offer great views to the outside, while also flooding home or office interiors with natural daylight¹.

Insulated glass panels can increase the energy efficiency of your home because they prevent cold and hot air from leaking through them³. Adding multiple layers of glass with gas infill further protects the windows and building from heat loss².

Acoustic insulating glass combines noise reduction with all the benefits of laminated safety glass, namely increased security, safety and UV protection. Other features such as solar control, thermal insulation or decorative effects can be added also.

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